Retrograde & Menagerie Salon 3: Patterns of Disorder





Join Retrograde Collective and Menagerie for a curated evening of art installations, readings, and music on January 28th. 

Our progressive art salon will begin first 5 PM at Menagerie (Outlet Coworking @ 2110 K St) and then continue 7PM at the Red Museum ( @ 212 15th St. )

Retrograde & Menagerie Salon 3: Patterns of Disorder

Our third gathering, Patterns of Disorder, is an intimate look at the cross section of mental health and art.

We feel particularly drawn to this newest theme because so many of us struggle with both the pain and stigma of mental illness, and we can trace its direct impact throughout our work. Patterns of Disorder will bring together artists from many disciplines to address and begin a dialogue about mental illness. We also plan to invite local community resources to inform and educate us about how to access mental health resources locally and affordably.

As always, there will be art, music, performance, and refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you there!

the Retrograde Crew & Menagerie