Call for Auditions

Retrograde Collective is looking for some talented actors and writers to put on three to five short performances at Retrograde Salon: Patterns of Disorder on January 28th at the Red Museum.



When: 12/10 and 12/11, 12:00pm - 4:00pm, by appointment only

Where: The Red Museum, 212 15th Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (LINK MAP)

Parking: There is only street parking so give yourself enough time to find a space and hoof it.


Whos and Whats:

We are looking for three things:


  1. A one or two person scene chosen from a theatrical work that explores the theme ‘Patterns of Disorder.’ We have provided a few sides below, but if you have another suggestion or piece you’d like to perform, please feel free send us your idea and bring an extra hard copies for the audition.


  1. Actors to read various works of prose & poetry in a dramatic style. We have provided a few sides below, but if you have another suggestion or piece you’d like to perform just email us and remember to bring additional hard copies for the audition.
    (Stories on Stage and True Story are good examples of what we are looking for.)


  1. A 7-10 minute original one act exploring the topic of mental illness and the stigma attached to it. Due to time restrictions during the audition process please select a 4 – 5 minute portion of your piece to perform, as well as provide a hard copy of the complete work for us to read. (If you’re a writer but don’t want to act, we can find an actor to perform your piece for the Salon in January, but we would like to meet you for the audition itself.)


If you are interested in performing with the Retrograde Collective, please email Andrew Kehoe (andrew@retrogradecollective.org) for an audition slot. Please include a headshot, resume and a short description & electronic copy of what you will be performing at the audition in your email.


Not interested in auditioning but still interested in participating in the Salon? Check out our Call for Submissions.

Click on Sides Below:

Laertes & Ophelia

The Sound & The Fury


Zoo Story

The Reason I Jump

The Glass Menagerie